Welcome to North Molton Gold!

Hello! My name is Fred Harding and I want to tell you about a remarkable discovery I made, so remarkable in fact that I wrote a book about my adventures entitled "North Molton Gold! published on Kindle Direct Publishing for the Kindle.

It all began in April 2012. I was developing the website for the North Molton Council and History Society when upon reading their book about the village that they had published in 2011 upon which the website was being themed I came across an obscure sentence that captured my attention like a bolt of lightning. It simply said, "Small traces of gold are still found their today by specimen collectors".

Gold! What gold? With the television bombarding us daily with advertisements to sell our personal gold for high prices, here I was living in an area where gold could be found. Wow! I wanted to know more and the book and this website is the result of my endeavours.

What you are about to read is an extraordinary story. Instead of finding "small traces" of gold, I discovered a virtual treasure chest of gold worth beween ¾ to 2½ million. My evidence is backed up by the British Geological Survey, the world's oldest national geological survey and the United Kingdom's premier centre for earth science information and expertise. Further evidence is provided by a major mining company who did a survey in the 1980's with very positive results, but the company by that time found itself in financial difficulties before it could invest in mining operations at the mine.

I invite you to travel with me to the mines of North Molton where I tread the ground and explore the site where one hundred and fifty years ago it was a hive of activity, the centre of extensive mining operations that employed hundreds of people. This website supplements the book with additional information and pictures taken at the mines.


Zoom in to the area east of Heasley Mill village, between Warkley Wood and Little Mines Wood.


WARNING: The Bampfylde mine area is private property, extremely dangerous, and as such access is strictly forbidden.